About us

In the year 2008, Le Pont started to make history in the field of tourism.

Our founder, Minh Tuan Nguyen, had studied Architectural Building Methods in France for few years. Living in France made him fall in love more with the country’s architecture. But only one caught his heart, the bridge.

The bridge in French is “Le Pont”. His idea is to bridge one culture to another and to involve you mostly with nature; to let you experience and appreciate what Vietnam has to offer.

Now, in just merely 10 years we were able to have 5 hotels in the North of Vietnam. These hotels are at your hands’ reach upon booking your tours with us. These hotels are wonderfully designed by all natural water forms; like the sea, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. We offer tours in the well known tourist spots to the local’s hidden spots.

Our agency assures that you get yourself connected with nature, either for an adventure or just for relaxing. We offer different tours that are reasonable for your pockets and enjoyment.



Our Hotel

After all the discoveries and experiences we understand how much you deserve to have the best place to rest and have a time for yourself. Our hotels offer you not just a comfortable stay but a number of wonderful landscape views. Our aim is to keep you closer to nature to have the most relaxing vacation you ever needed.



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